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When You Rock this Hard, You Need Flowers that Keep Up

lil guy

booty-niéres $12

You're not sure how to take your outfit to the next level: cue BOOTY-NIÈRES! These accessories are for more than weddings, dances, or formal events, make them part of your everyday look.

lil guy $40

Need some self-care? Gift for a friend? Impressing the in-laws? We've got your back! Budgeted beauty in a vase. These arrangements brighten the room with their stylish simplicity.

build your own bouquet! priceless

Contact us to fulfill your wildest bouquet dreams.

major bouquet alert $60 and up

When you're looking for an arrangement that will leave your jaw on the floor, the Major Bouquet Alert (MBA) is a must. Much like your reflection, you'll never grow tired of staring at one of these babies.